Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed and stressed out over having so many ideas and projects but never having enough time to do any of them? Yep! Me too. Recently I had my astrology chart done. It was something I gifted myself. (If you would like to have your chart done or gift that to someone, I recommend Joli at Joli is a wonderful astrologer with a real passion for helping people find their gifts and passions.

My stars revealed that I overflow with creative ideas. I am an everflowing spring of creativity and ideas (when I am in balance with my life).
(When I am overwhelmed, the creative ideas are still there, but my crowded mind can’t hear them over all the noise.)

My stars also “suggest” as Joli puts it, “I spread myself out too thin” trying to follow through on all the creative ideas that land inside me. Hence, why I struggle and suffer over “lack of time” and “overwhelm”.
Do you also try and chase every idea you get? And then another new and shiny idea pops up?

Joli says we can easily choose 1 or 2 ideas to bring forth into the world. And all the extra ideas that pour into us / out of us can be shared, given away, or even sold to others. Perhaps they will love them and birth them into the world.

You can easily choose 1 or 2 ideas to bring forth into the world. All the extra ideas can be given away to others.

This was a HUGE permission from the universe and one I RECEIVED to my core.
“Just pick one or two.” says the Universe.
BAM!!! Mind blown!
We don’t have to chase or build every idea that comes our way. What a relief! Also, what a beautiful idea that we can share and give our ideas to others. That feels really good.


Whatever you decide is ok. YOU are WORTHY of deciding. YOU are WORTHY of deciding.
(Let that sink in. Repeat it. “I am WORTHY of deciding.”)
Who ever told you you weren’t? Ah!!
YOU are the one creating the universe.
YOU and SOURCE creating together. YOU think and feel it, and the Universe brings people, places, and things to you.
Even if you make a “wrong” decision, it’s a decision. You have moved the needle of the universe. You have created something brand, sparkling, new. And as you decide again, you continue to create. Isn’t that exciting?
And nothing is wrong or right. Wrong or right doesn’t exist. Those are constructs of our human mind that labels things according to how we think in the moment.

So DECIDE. Pick one or two things to focus on and watch how it starts hatching and popping.


There are certain powers that be that would like to keep us as slaves. Our employers, our credit cards, the media. Keep working / stay busy / don’t have original thoughts / buy more stuff so you have more debt so you can’t afford to go anywhere / don’t go anywhere – you might get some original thoughts / watch more tv / buy more stuff / Success = nice car; a nice house; latest gadgets / stay busy chasing those things.

COVID had us in lockdown. We were told to stay home. There were legitimate fears. People were dying. We stayed home. Now, thankfully, COVID restrictions are lifting and we have the opportunity to go out again. A lot of people are finding themselves in new situations – such as being able to work from home, work remotely, and work from anywhere.

DON’T BE AFRAID OF YOUR FREEDOM (I know, I’m repeating this).

We’ve been slaves and have been in lockdown for generations and generations.
Now we realize we can create the life we DECIDE. And we may feel a lot of fear around that. (YOU are WORTHY of DECIDING). It’s normal to feel fear. We’ve been so used to others telling us how to act, what to think, what to wear, what we should look like. Now we have the freedom to DECIDE for ourselves. We’ve always had the freedom, we just didn’t know it so well like we know it now. (Don’t be afraid of your freedom.)

Release your shackles.

In the Tarot, there is the Devil Card. It depicts two people with shakles around their necks. But the shakles are so loose, they could easily be pulled over their heads. They just don’t choose to, out of fear. Fear. Fear for different reasons, but still fear.

Tarot Card The Devil


Choose one or two things you want to go for.
Only talk about things you want about them, not around your fears or doubts around them.
Just talk about the things you want about them.
Then chill. Go and have fun.
And when you get that next sparkling idea, it’s going to be about your 1 or 2 things.
Follow it like Alice’s white rabbit. Don’t be afraid. KEEP GOING. DON’T BE AFRAID OF YOUR FREEDOM.
And when things gets dark, and scary, and you’re crying at night, and you think you’re no good, KEEP GOING.
Because that’s when you really need to keep going!

now go and create, my beautiful friend.

4 comments on “Astrology Chart”

  1. Thank you, Beautiful! I know you are such a master creator. Your creative eye and photography are most definitely two of your gifts. <3

  2. Hi Debbie! Yes, what a thought. We don’t have to create everything that pops into our brain. What freedom!! 🙂 Choose 1 or 2 and surf that baby with as much fun and joy as possible.

  3. I’ve been saving your words of wisdom to read when I “have time” but the Universe told me to read this one now. I’m so happy I listened. This has been a frustration for some time. I want to create everything that pops into my hyper-creative brain. I’ll reread your words until they sink very deeply into my mind. Thank you 💗

  4. Yes!! So much power in being a creator and we all have been given that gift. Very lovely post.

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