Magnetize Evidence of What You Want

Girl consciously looking for evidence of what she wants in her life.

Magnetize Evidence of What You Want When you think something is “true”, you consciously or unconsciously begin to magnetize evidence to confirm your belief. The more evidence comes your way, the more your belief solidifies. Eventually, that thing you think and feel has such momentum, you become a magnet for it, and it appears in your physical reality. Most of us magnetize evidence to ourselves unconsciously. It’s like breathing. It’s the way we’re created. We believe something, and by believing...

Conversations with Plants

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature. The reason I started was because I was feeling kind of off, and my friend suggested I take a walk in nature. At first, I was like “Yeah, yeah.” But thinking about it further, I remembered that during a turning point in my life, when things were pretty difficult, leading up to my turning point, I spent a lot of time taking long walks and listening to Abraham Hicks on...