60-minute Tarot Reading by Phone


A 60-minute tarot reading done over the phone.

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Product Description

Sometimes we just don’t know what to do next! But from the instant you decide you want answers, the answers are already coming to you.
Ask and it will be answered!

From the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy a one-on-one hour long reading over the phone.

Fix yourself a coffee, tea or your favorite beverage, get your notebook out and pen ready to write down the thoughts and “A-ha” realizations that come to you during your reading.

A bit about my process:  Before I read your cards, I sit in meditation. I do this to quiet my own thoughts and emotions to be able to read the cards as clearly and receptively as possible. I may pull 2 or 3 cards before our reading and write down some notes. This helps me get a general idea of what the reading will be about, connect with my higher self and angelic guides. Together we will also do a centering meditation before the reading.

How you can prepare: If you have the time and space, spend a few minutes in meditation, quiet the mind, jot down any “to do’s” that come up beforehand so you have them on paper and out of your head. Think about what you need clarity and/or guidance on. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Repeat an affirmation or use one you like:

experienceperfect   selfesteemhigh


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