One Saturday night when I was in high school, an angel walked me home.

My best friend and I were hanging out. She was crushing on some guy and so our night revolved around finding him. We’d go on these all night goose hunts trying to find him and his crew. Where could they be hanging out and drinking beers tonight? Behind the high school? In the warehouse parking lots down by the very undesirable area of Tonnelle Ave?

On this particular night, after much searching, and plenty of beer drinking of our own, the guy in question was located at his house. Good place for him to be considering it was 2am. His parents, however, were not home. My friend wanted to stay but I didn’t. Instead of being a third wheel, I decided to go home. Walk home, to be more specific.

This guy lived, let’s say on west 20th street and I lived on east 80th street. So there was a good 60 plus blocks of distance between our houses. At this point, I had a healthy beer buzz going and my buzzed brain thought ‘60 blocks isn’t THAT far’. So off I went.


girl walking street

I didn’t have a cell phone. Nah. We didn’t have cell phones back then. I probably didn’t even have a quarter to use a pay phone if I wanted to. And who would I call? My mother? No way. I’d really be in deep shit then. No. I would walk home – get into bed and call it a night.


Great idea. A 16-year-old walking the streets at 2am – and not the safest streets either. All kinds of crazy stuff went down in this urban, concrete land, and most of the nasty stuff was being done at 2am. Thankfully, the street I was walking on had a lot of streetlights, so I wasn’t walking in the dark.

After walking about 30 blocks (I am not even kidding), out of nowhere, this dude starts walking behind me.

I think, “Oh, God! Chill. Chill. Chill.” But I felt scared. I sped up, he sped up. I felt him “sticking” to me.

After about three blocks of him breathing down my neck, this huge black Rottweiler dog comes out from an alley or the side of a house, (I don’t even know from where) straight up to me! He was GIGANTIC. But I remember his face was so sweet and he was very playful. He licked my hand.


I’ve always loved dogs but I also respect them and know they can bite! But I remember I didn’t feel any fear at all with this dog. I don’t know why, but I did not feel fear. I felt love. I know it sounds weird, but I felt so much love for this giant beast of a dog. We walked as if we had known each other all our lives. I petted his head and scratched behind his ears.



I am not making this up. This really happened to me. The dog then turned around and deeply growled and snarled at the man that had been following me.



The man left. He crossed the street and was gone.

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I walked the rest of the 30+ blocks home with this beautiful animal, smiling, petting him, I think even skipping with him. I don’t remember anyone else on the street after that; just me and this wonderful dog.

I remember thinking how I would explain this dog to my mother. Would she let me keep it?

I lived next to a park. When I finally got to my door, it must have been around 3:00 am. I lived in an apartment building that had a 24-hour security guard. As I was digging around for my keys, the security guard buzzed me in. I said hello to him (a little embarrassed that I was coming home at 3:00 in the morning). As I turned around to let the dog in, the big, beautiful dog was gone. What? Did he run into the park? I looked around and didn’t see him anywhere.

The security guard was looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to ask, “Did you see me come with a dog?” But from where the security guard sat, he could only see people from the waist up.  The dog was gone.

Did I imagine it? Was it all a figment of my drunk imagination?

I went inside and didn’t tell anyone about the dog.

Years passed. I would think about it, but truthfully, I was never really sure if it had happened or if I had just imagined the whole thing.

20 years later… there is a part two to this story.

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20 years later, I am now 36 years old. I am a grown woman, and a much more mentally, physically and spiritually stable person than I was at 16.

I am visiting my mother. (Thankfully, our relationship is so much better now. This took a lot of work on both our parts and I’ll tell you that story another time). When I visit her, we usually take a day to visit my aunt.

Sitting around my aunt’s kitchen table, we start talking about weird things that have happened to us, you know, like ghost stories, and I tell them the story of the black dog that walked me home that night.

“I remember that dog!” yells my aunt.

“What??” I say.

“Yes! You knocked on my door one night with a huge, black dog with you!”

I am in shock. My mind is reeling. I feel I am in the twilight zone.

My aunt lived a few blocks away from me then. And during that time, my mother and I would fight all the time. It was a rough period for us (another reason why I was saying fuck it to everything, drinking at 16 and walking home at 3 in the morning). I would often go to my aunt’s house to try and find some comfort or escape from my own home life.

This night was no exception.
According to my aunt, at 3:00 in the morning, I knocked on her door. My aunt asked if I was all right. I said I was. And then she saw it, the huge black dog with me.

“What are you doing with that dog?” she said in a whisper. 

“I found it.” she said I said happily. 

I asked her if I could stay there – that I didn’t want to get home so late with a dog and get into a fight with my mother.

She kindly but firmly said no. She told me I should go home right away, that my mother was probably worried.

So I did, and you already know what happened when I got to my door. The dog left. Poof. Gone.

My aunt officially confirmed my story. So it was true. A huge, black Rottweiler walked me safely home one night and once I was home, he disappeared – and by him and God’s grace I was protected. To me, this beautiful dog was an Angel

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I know God/The Universe/Spirit has plans for me because on more than one occasion, I’ve been “protected”. 

Have you ever been visited by an Angel? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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May you always be protected,


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