Moving Advice: How to Perform a Welcome-Connection Ceremony

April 15, 2018

Moving to a new place can be exciting and fun, but it can feel terrifying and downright lonely too. Know you can get past the initial discomfort and really love where you live. A Welcome-Connection Ceremony establishes a friendship between you and your new “land” that will help you positively move forward with everything you do there.

A Welcome-Connection Ceremony can help you fall in love with your new “land” and fall deeper in love with yourself.

Moving advice. How to connect to your new home. welcome-connection ceremony.
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How to Perform a Welcome-Connection Ceremony

Find a park in your area.

Bring a personal token
(example: a special rock, a button, a bead, a love note. More on this below.)

Sit on the ground (or have your feet flat on the ground if this is more comfortable for you).
Close your eyes. Imagine your heart chakra opening. Visualize a light coming out of your heart chakra and mingling to the land’s energy.

Silently start a conversation with the land, as if you are meeting someone for the first time. Introduce yourself. Tell the land where you’re from. Ask it some questions. Listen to what it has to say. Give it some compliments.
Feel how the land responds to you. Does it feel masculine or feminine?

Talk with the Land. Tell the land you would like to live here and be happy in this place. Ask it if it’s okay you live here and if you could be friends. Ask it to help you, protect you and show you around. Feel how it responds to you.
Tell it anything else you want to share.

Let your passions lead you to meet new people and explore your new home.
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Bury Your Token.  Now take your personal token: this can be a rock you brought with you from your old place, a bead or button from a favorite sweater, a single earring you lost the pair to, or very simply, a little piece of paper with a personal message such as: “I love you. Thank you.”

Dig a little hole and bury your token.

Thank your new friend, thank yourself and place the palms of your hands (or feet) on the ground. Imagine your energy going into the land and the land’s energy going up into your hands or feet.

When you feel complete, take a deep breath, thank your friend and say goodbye for now.

You have established a personal relationship with your new land. You will feel this connection wherever you go and whatever you do. The more you connect with it, the more you will fall in love with it, like a friend and even like a lover.

I first performed a Welcome-Connection Ceremony when I moved to Austin, Texas from my home state of New Jersey. My relationship of 6 years had ended and I was ready for a change. This new adventure opened up so many paths for me and really stretched my belief in myself and my capabilities. But moving, especially for the first time, was SOOO scary!

My roommate loved nature and took me to some beautiful parks. At one of these parks, we performed a welcome-connection ceremony. At the time, we didn’t exactly know we were doing a “welcome-connection ceremony”, but it turned out to be so powerful and so positive, that I have now done this in every place I have lived since.

I felt the energy of Texas to be very masculine and I found comfort in its strength and in the feeling of protection I felt from it. Texas and I have a special connection to this day. I really believe it started from this ceremony.

Try this ceremony when you move somewhere new. Or try it in a place you’ve been living at for years. Maybe you’ll discover something new.

Moving Advice - how to perform a welcome connection ceremony to connect with your new place.
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You can do this by yourself,
or get your whole family to do it together.

I coaxed my skeptic husband to do it when we first moved to Chicago and he was pleasantly surprised at how he felt afterward. He still remembers doing it too. We created a memory. <3

Let me know if you try this and your experience. Also, if you’ve done other types of ceremonies to welcome you to a new place, please share. We’d love to hear about them!

Cheers to your new life! Enjoy every minute of the journey.

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