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Hi! I’m Karina!
Eternal Optimist, Romantic, Jersey Girl with Wanderlust.

Mom of Little G and wife of Scientist Mr. A.

I am a true believer that we have the power to change our lives! If your life is not great, you can change it. It’s never too late. (I’m a late bloomer). And part of my mission and passion at The Empress Woman is to share information, inspire, educate and entertain you with articles on how you can improve your life.

I’ve been there, trust me. Crying, unhappy, wondering why my life just wasn’t moving along like I wanted it to. But I discovered how to make some changes in my mindset (first), and then taking one step at a time each day until, viola, it was another life. A life full of happiness, health, wealth, peace of mind and travel. ALL of the things I had dreamed of. And I’m not done yet. There’s always something new to go after, but now I do it with excitement and eagerness, not struggle, sadness or as a last resort. And you can do it, too. Let me show you how in this blog.

I enjoy spending time with my family, working on my blog, learning about the tarot cards and reading them for friends and family; I LOVE to travel – near and far – and I find lots of inspiration and personal development from it. I also enjoy trying new recipes (when the mood strikes) – and I especially enjoy sharing all this with you!

I’m originally a city girl – (born and bred Jersey Girl in the house!) – but I absolutely love/need to be in nature. My background is 100% Colombiana. I’m a little bit fancy, a little bit ghetto. I speak English and Spanish but mostly in Spanglish. I’m passionate about helping people heal their past and live their best lives now.

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My motto is:
“Feel appreciation for what is
and eagerness for what is coming.”

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About The Empress Woman

Here at The Empress Woman, my mission is to teach, inspire, and cheer you on to live the life of your dreams, doing the things you love with the people you love.

Why the name The Empress Woman?

empress tarot card the empress woman karina duque

The Empress is one of the 72 cards in a Tarot deck. The Empress card symbolizes a woman who is creative (as in, she can create whatever she wants) – and has “created” a beautiful and happy life for herself. She symbolizes abundance, creation, and passion. She is the boss of her life.

The Empress Woman to me represents someone who is in charge of
 and content with her life;
beautiful inside and out.
She is smartwise, and skillful with money,
abundant, generous, and strong,
loving, sexy, caring, and fertile.
She is a good friend and mother whether she has children or not.
She appreciates beauty, is resourceful, and knows how to enjoy an adventure.
She knows about the mysteries of life and the cycles of nature
and how to use them to improve her life and of those around her.

I LOVE this card. The Empress is who I choose to embody.

When I think of my ideal life, The Empress is always front and center for me,
reminding me of who I am becoming.